1. Private Exhibition

2018 BITGAE, Photography gallery RYUGAHEON

2015 STAY ; A Subject to Trust and Rely on 1, LUCIDA Gallery

2013 Meet with a Star on the Road, Space Sun+

2012 Never stop loving, Space Sun+

2011 Never stop walking, Space Sun+

2011 MOMENTO, World Urban Slums Photograph Exhibition,
Art Gallery at Seoul National University Station & Hyundai Hill State Gallery

2010 Never stop thinking, Space Sun+

2010 Helping Flood Sufferers in Pakistan held by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Korea

2010 IN PAKISTAN, National Art Gallery in Islamabad, Pakistan, Al hamra Gallery in Lahore

2009 Nothing to Impress, Space Sun+

2007 Private Exhibition, Gallery THROUGH

2007 Islam “People Praying”, Sangmyung University Art & Design Center

2006 In PAKISTAN, Gallery Lak

2. Group Exhibition

2015 Layers, GALERIE PICI

2015 Traces of Space, Sangmyung Art Center

2015 Breathtaking of Taegeukgi, The War Memorial of Korea

2015 Space Shape Adrift, FUJI FILM X-Photographer Photo Exhibition

2014 True Heart beyond What’s Visible, Gallery Pakyoung

2012 Wind in Guleopdo Island, Gallery Ryugaheon

3. TV Shows

2009 My Hometown at 6 O’Clock, Special Tune for Rivers and Mountains, KBS

2013 Water Is Life, SBS

World Tour with Themes,EBS

Mongolia (2017), Vietnam (2017), Pakistan (2016), Canada (2015), Mongolia (2014), Africa (2014), Iceland (2013), Egypt (2013), Pakistan (2011), India (2010), Guyana (2009), Jordan (2008)

4. Academic Background
5. Activities

Bachelor’s degree at Department of Fine Arts at College of the Arts

of Dongguk University

Master’s degree of Science of Arts at Department of Photography

at College of Art & Culture of Sangmyung University (Photojournalism)

Member of ONBIT Documentary Photography,

Currently FUJIFilm X-photographer,

Artist selected by Residence of 1839 Imagination & Culture Plant,

Awesome Door Photographer selected by K2Korea


두번째 사랑이 온다면_공감의 기쁨 (2012)

삶에게 묻지 말고 삶의 물음에 답하라_이덴슬리벨 (2011)

너의 눈에서 희망을 본다_조화로운 삶 (2010)
일곱 빛깔 지중해의 조용한 천국 튀니지_위즈덤 (2010)

아이러브드림_글로세움 (2009)

중동의 붉은 꽃 요르단_지식채널 (2008)

[EBS 테마기행 제3권] 중동의 붉은 꽃, 요르단_시공사 (2008)

신의 뜻대로 : 파키스탄,그 거친 땅에서 만난 순수_이가서 (2007)

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